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Welcome to A Bunch of Dads! You may have found us on Facebook, heard about us through a friend, or stumbled upon us on accident, but regardless of how you got here, you've found us! Our little set of Facebook communities is home to over 150,000 dads from all over the world. We engage one another daily, providing advice, support, laughter, and fellowship. 


Becoming Better Fathers, Becoming Better Men

Across our groups, we gather to provide mutual support, wherever you are in your journey as a father. Our primary mechanism of support is through mutual engagement and encouragement. We firmly believe that each of us want to become better fathers and, in turn, better men. 

What "Groups" Do We Have?

Currently, we host multiple Facebook communities. They include:

A Bunch of Dads Main Group - Our first and flagship community;

A Bunch of Dads - Beyond the Rainbow - Not all dads and kids are straight. This is a group for dads who are identify as part of the LGBTQAI+ community, who are raising/have kids who do, or who are active allies of the LGBTQAI+ community ;

A Bunch of Dads - Business - A group for dads who are or want to be small business owners;

A Bunch of Dads - Cars & Motors - A group for dads interest in anything related to cars, motors, or engines; 

A Bunch of Dads - Cooking - You guessed it, dads who cook! From food shots bragging about your recent concoction to requests for excellent recipes, this is your group;

A Bunch of Dads - Fitness & Wellness - For the dads trying to get in shape, stay in shape, or improve their overall health;

A Bunch of Dads - Gaming - Are you a table-top gamer, role player, video gamer, or maybe you throw them bones... this is a group for you;

A Bunch of Dads - Geeks & Computers - Perhaps you're a dad who is also a self-defined nerd, geek, or just someone in to computers. If so, you belong here;

A Bunch of Dads - Home Improvement - Are you a home improvement professional, a DIY kinda guy, or a dad who needs help figuring out how to do something in or around the house? We have a great group of guys waiting to help (and maybe give you a little ribbing too);

A Bunch of Dads - Hunting and Fishing - Some dads like to get out in the wild! If you are a dad who hunts and fishes, this is your ABOD tribe;

A Bunch of Dads - Recovery - We get by with a little help from our friends. If you are in recovery from alcohol or substance abuse, you can find mutual support and brotherhood here;

A Bunch of Dads - Jokes - Sometimes life is just too much and you need a laugh. With our group of mostly clean joke-telling dads, you can get your laugh on in this group;

A Bunch of Dads - Music - Perhaps you are a music fan or a musician yourself, come talk shop with other dads who share your passion;

A Bunch of Dads - Special Needs - Do you have a kid with special needs? Come share your experiences with other dads navigating similar paths;

A Bunch of Dads - Sports - Interested in sports? As a player or spectator? College, professional, rec league, or street, share your passion and enthusiasm here.

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